The feelings of the affinity, the comradeship, the togetherness and the brotherhood resulting from the House and School spirit, acquired by the experience of living, eating, sleeping and fighting together can only be really experienced in a residential school. The rivalry of peers and the pranks played on one another as children; few secrets hidden deep within and lots more can be relished when recollected, in the presence of old schoolmates. It is said, 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going' and with immense fondness one looks back to school days when everything seemed a tribulation whether it was PT, Drill, Gym, Games, Camps, Hobbies and even moral lectures.

It is to reminisce those precious and most memorable moments of childhood when so much was said and done in innocence that we have made the memories section of the school website.

We have divided this section into 'Grapevine' (the Newsletter) for current news, the 'Roll of Honour' to pay tributes to the children who have excelled, a 'Picture Gallery' to walk down memory lane. 'Faculty' includes the record of the past teachers who gave so much for so little and lastly the 'Guest-book' which speaks of what others have written and said about us.