Important :

1 Registration is only permitted for the next academic year. Please do not try and register for other years
2. Please note that it is mandatory to fill a hard copy of the Admission Form, remit the Registration Fee and attach a copy of the Birth Certificate along with two recently clicked coloured photographs of the child, for the registration process to be completed.
3 Please fill the under-mentioned details for sending information to the School Office as a request for registration of your child.
4. The School office shall contact you after receipt of this information.

CONTACT FOR ADMISSION (Please Click Here to Download Admission form)

Student's Name
Date Of Birth
In Words
  Country of Birth
 Class (Admn. Sought)
Class (Studying in)  
Location Preference
Father's Name
Father's Occupation
Parents EmailId
Mother's Name
TelePhone No. (Home)
TelePhone No.(Mobile 1)
TelePhone No.(Mobile 2)
Emergency Contact(In India)
Emergency Telephone
Local Guardian
Name of the Person Admitting the Child 
(The child and Filling The Form)
Person Allowed To Meet
S. No.Name of the Person allowed to meetRelationship
Relationship with Child