Important Dates
Sunday 22/01/2017 Arrival of Class XII Students 1600Hrs.
Saturday 28/01/2017 Arrival of Class XII JEE Students (Dpr)
Sunday 05/02/2017 New Admission Boarding School Orientation for Classes VIII and above (Sbt) 1000 Hrs.
Sunday 12/02/2017 Arrival of Students for Winter Sports’ Camp
Saturday 18/02/2017 Arrival of Old Students (Classes IX toXII) before 1500 hrs. (Dpr &Sbt), XII Revision Exams conclude
Sunday 19/02/2017 Arrival of Old Students (Classes I-VIII) before 1500 hrs. (Dpr &Sbt)
Thursday 16/03/2017 Arrival of New Students ( Children joining after28th March are not allowed to go for visiting weekend)
Thursday 13/04/2017 Visiting Weekend starts 1000Hrs., Dhruv Pandove Memorial T-20 Cricket Tournament at YPS Patiala commences
Sunday 16/04/2017 Visiting Weekend ends 1600Hrs., Dhruv Pandove Memorial T-20 Cricket Tournament at YPS Patiala concludes
Sunday 04/06/2017 Verification of Class IX particulars by parents, Summer Vacation commences (Dpr & Sbt)1000Hrs., Seminar for Students &Parents of Class X (Dpr) 1300Hrs
Sunday 25/06/2017 Arrival of Students for Summer Sports Camp (Sbt &Dpr)
Sunday 02/07/2017 Summer Vacation concludes 1600 Hrs. (Dpr & Sbt)
Thursday 24/08/2017 Visiting Weekend starts 1000Hrs.
Sunday 27/08/2017 Visiting Weekend ends 1600Hrs., Bhupinder Memorial Soccer Tournament at LSS commences
Friday 13/10/2017 Annual Day 1000Hrs, Diwali Break commences ( Dpr)
Saturday 14/10/2017 Annual Day 1000Hrs, Diwali Break commences( Sbt)
Sunday 22/10/2017 Diwali Break concludes 1600 Hrs.
Sunday 10/12/2017 Winter Vacation Starts (Dpr&Sbt)1000Hrs.