Pinegrove Students Stamp Authority in Delhi

A team of eleven students from Pinegrove School, Subathu participated in the Genesis Global School, Model United Nations Conference. Pinegrove MUN team comprising Manish Ahuja, Deepanshu Singla, Yatinder Pal Singh, Simran Singh Thakur, Dyal Singh Garcha, Atrij Mauni, Udita Singh, Snigdha Thakur, Kashish Kapoor, Prabhneil Singh Barnala and Jayesh Jain was awarded the “Best Delegation” winning individual citations as well, bringing cheers to the school fraternity. The main focus of the conference was to discuss current issues like India Pakistan crisis, role of OIC, ISIS and role of Lok Sabha. During the conference, the participants employed a variety of communication and critical thinking skills in order to represent the policies of their country. The team was thoroughly prepared and impressed all and sundry with their oratory diplomacy tactics. Manish Ahuja and Simran Singh Thakur won the Best Delegate award in the Bretton Woods Historic Conference, 1944 while Dyal Singh Garcha was declared as the Best Delegate in the Security Council. Deepanshu Singla had the honour of being the Best Panelist in the Parliament Expert Panel and Yatinder Pal Singh won the Best Member Of Parliament, Lok Sabha award. Kashish Kapoor and Jayesh Jain got a Verbal Mention in the Organisation of Islamic Committee and Transfer Policy Meet Committee respectively. The conference saw Maroof Razaa a consultant and strategic affairs expert being the chief guest and 30 thirty schools participating in the event.

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