• Do you allow children to call up parents over phone?

    Only children not going on “Visiting Weekends” are permitted to call parents during the “Visiting Weekends” through the School Office.

  • How frequently can students communicate to parents?

    Each week letter-writing is compulsory. Students, after spending few months in the school, are permitted to email as well.

  • When do you allow the parents to meet the children?

    Parents may come on visiting weekends to take their children out for a couple of days. Mostly this is spaced out between vacations and starts from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

  • Do you take children out on picnics/camps?

    Regular yearly camps are compulsory and outings are a regular feature especially for children who do not go out for visiting weekends.

  • Do the students travel overseas on exchange programmes?

    Each year children take part in “Cultural Bridges” which is an International Students’ Exchange Program (USA) organized with a mission of fostering dialogue and understanding among the world's youth or go on a foreign tour, expenses of which are borne by the individual parents.

  • What are qualities of a good teacher?

    Someone who is dedicated, loves his subject, conveys that enthusiasm with clarity and has high expectations from pupils. One who is “zealously devoted to the profession” is a good teacher.

  • What are qualities of a good House-Master?

    Someone who ensures all his pupils are “happy” at school, that they eat properly, that they learn how to relate well to others in our community, whose pupils have a charitable outlook, do well academically, and are busy and successful outside the classroom.

  • Is any religious teaching/education practiced or preached?

    No, there is no religious teaching imparted in the school. The school is totally secular in its outlook and practice.

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