• How frequently can students communicate to parents?

    Each week letter-writing is compulsory. Students, after spending few months in the school, are permitted to Email as well.

  • When do you allow the parents to meet the children?

    Parents may come on visiting weekends to take their children out for a couple of days as per the dates mentioned on the school calendar. Mostly this is spaced out between vacations and starts from Thursday morning to Sunday afternoon.

  • Do you take children out on picnics/camps?

    Regular yearly camps are compulsory and outings are a regular feature especially for children who do not go out for visiting weekends.

  • Do the students travel overseas on exchange programmes?

    Each year children take part in ‘Cultural Bridges’ which is an International Students’ Exchange Program (USA) organized with a mission of fostering dialogue and understanding among the world's youth or go on a foreign tour, expenses of which are borne by the individual parents.

  • Is any religious teaching/education practiced or preached?

    No, there is no religious teaching imparted in the school. The school is totally secular in its outlook and practice and the school admits pupils without any distinction of caste, creed, colour, race, religion or gender.

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